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Conceptualization of "Othering": An Analysis of Western Media's Mechanism for Constructing the Discourse of Beijing Winter Olympics

Li Menglong, PhD in History, Senior Lecturer, School of International and Public Affairs, Jilin University, Changchun, China, limenglong@jlu.edu.cn,

Xing Xiaoman, Masters Degree Student, Institute of International Relations, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, China, xingxm9917@mails.jlu.edu.cn,

Li Zhilun, Masters Degree Student, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom, zhilunli.2022@uni.strath.ac.uk
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Год: 2023 Том: 12 Номер журнала: 3
Страницы: 562-577
Тип статьи: Научная статья
УДК: 070:659.44
DOI: 10.17150/2308-6203.2023.12(3).562-577
The objective of the Olympic movement is to maintain separation of sports from politics. However, international politics has played a significant role in the survival and development of the Olympic Games throughout its history. Recently, Western media's politicization of Olympic organizers has been on the rise. This research paper aims to examine the role of mainstream media outlets in the United States, Canada, Britain, and Germany. It analyzes carefully selected samples of texts published during the Beijing Winter Olympics, employing critical discourse analysis as the primary methodology. The study aims to uncover the discourse strategies employed by Western media in covering Beijing Winter Olympics, the ideologies behind them, and their constructed image of global governance. The paper also examines the historical and realistic conditions in which this image has been formed and analyzes the discourse mechanism of Western media system. Western medias narrative of the Olympic Games host is not primarily about China but rather a reflection of the Wests self-construction needs and embodiment. In this context, China is portrayed as a systemic competitor that challenges Europe, "subverts" international rules, and promotes alternative modes of governance. Through a critical analysis of the political implications underlying Western media coverage during the Beijing Winter Olympics, this study exposes the inherent limitations of the Western "othering" framework. In doing so, it provides invaluable insights that contribute to the development of Chinese discourse and narrative systems, ultimately strengthening the Chinese subjectivity framework in the realm of international communication.
Ключевые слова: Beijing Winter Olympics, Politicization of sports, political intervention, Western media, Othering, Sino-Russian cooperation
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